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UX Product Designer. Analytics proficiency
Every UX Challenge is all about
communication, common sense, cross-domain experience, and scientific approaches
Practical knowledge on Medium
Asset browser design for the real-time engine
Completely new approach to redesign the core part of a rendering engine for a real world needs.

#RealTimeEngine #RealTimeGraphics #UnrealEngine #Unity3d #Filmmaking online store
Completely new checkout optimization approach.

Main feature is all-in-one page for everything needed to complete purchase.

#ecommerce #research #redesign #crocs #checkout #optimization
Lenovo special version for ukraine
Lenovo + Lenovo shop special official online store for the Ukrainian market
Turnover increased 3 times in 1 year.

Everything designed from scratch. Hours of case studies and customer development sessions.

Tech experts explained unobvious features that helped me gain more knowledge on how to design flawless experience.

#ecommerce #electronics #casestudy #ux #lenovo
WIX Artificial Design Intelligence SAAS website building platform
My solution that saves hours of work for a content manager and user.

Machine learning recommendations include text summary, smart banners, chatbot assistant, banner personalization, self-designing layout using GAN.

#ecommerce #SAAS #AIdesign
PANDORA special DESIGN for ukraine
PANDORA shop special official online store for the Ukrainian market
In just 6 months we lifted conversion rates 20% higher than market benchmarks.

2 weeks on a deep understanding of how the jewelry market works. How the target audience chooses Pandora among competitors and brand philosophy.

#ecommerce #jewelry #ux
Smart maintenance for railroad switches
Smart maintenance SAAS solution for railroad switches.
A new approach in design for asset operators that control assets' health and manage occurred and predicted issues with maintenance team.

Redesigned from scratch. 5 days to learn new domain with the aim to help operators reduce time to react on issues including a bunch of usability fixes.

Extensive researches under the hood.
Research on Japanese railroads
Japanese railroads research how to apply smart maintenance solutions
You should always keep in focus on predictive maintenance so align exploration to this specific domain.

My personal approaches to understand how to apply sensors to decrease operational costs for different railway operators.
Beauty saves the world
GS Diamonds Australian jewelry online store
Redesigned from scratch.
Now GS Diamonds' usability is far better than it's main world-known competitors like BlueNile and James Allen.

Extensible data exploration using financial reports, customer development sessions, feedback from support.

I was involved in choosing the appropriate development team and took an active part in the end-to-end process until launch.
actionable insights from product reviews
The most up to date insightful platform to understand how to market a product based on user reviews
Get ready for the next quest
Plan B Berlin-based Escape rooms challenges.
Completely redesigned whole user flow due to new products like VR games and booking system updates.

The main problem was not a clear understanding of users' behavior patterns.Wile redesigning we discovered that people also trigger when they see more concise information about each escape room.
AI Photo composition Hackathon
Smart photo composition using AI suggestions
The hardest part in the 48 hours challenge to gather the dev team. Idea to increase photographers' productivity, save time and money using AI suggestions.

Out of 103 teams, we won a 3-rd place. Filed 2 patents for the technology.
24 hours team coding challenge
Food photographers' solution to improve composition. We save hours of routine work.
Real-time AI based suggestions for Lighting and well-composed photos.

10 times Faster way to make Fantastic composition.

Food photographers' solution to improve composition. We save hours of routine work.

How it works:
1, We recognize main objects on your scene.
2. AI searches for the best composed images
3. You get real-time food photo suggestions

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